Private Probation in Giles County



Giles County contracted with PSI Probation, LLC and Community Probation Services, LLC to run a “user funded” probation system in which the private, for-profit companies’ sole sources of revenue are from the fees paid to them by the people they supervise. The County and the companies demand compliance with a number of technical "conditions" of probation, but payment of court fines and fees and probation fees drives their private probation scheme. People face a cycle of probation violation, extension of supervised probation, more fees, and even jail, if they fall behind payment.

Civil Rights Corps joined Hughes Socol Piers Resnick & Dym, Ltd. and Attorney Kyle Mothershead to file a federal class action lawsuit on behalf of five named plaintiffs against two private probation companies, their employees, and Giles County, Tenn. challenging their policies of extorting money from impoverished misdemeanor probationers and violating their constitutional and statutory rights.