Poet in Residence Fellowship

Civil Rights Corps is excited to announce the launch of its Poet in Residence fellowship program. Each year, a groundbreaking poet whose work urgently confronts the subject matter of our civil rights work will be chosen as the Civil Rights Corps Poet in Residence.

Civil Rights Corps is an innovative non-profit civil rights law organization based in Washington, D.C. Our groundbreaking litigation and advocacy work has resulted in systemic reforms to legal systems across the country. Our staff has led the way in bringing pioneering challenges to the rise of modern debtors’ prisons and the American money bail system.  We are passionate and dedicated advocates who seek to fight inequality and protect the rights of the most underrepresented, impoverished, and marginalized members of our society.

About the Poet in Residence Fellowship Program

Our criminal system’s ability to accomplish mass human depends on ignoring and erasing the stories of the human beings on whom we inflict unspeakable suffering. The Poet in Residence will be given a monetary stipend of $7,500 to assist in producing urgent and vivid works that communicate the humanity of our clients and others in their position. That the works should shed light on the toll that the unjust practices in the criminal system take on the bodies and minds of the people directly impacted by it and on our communities more broadly. 

The language used in police reports, court arguments, and prison budgets enable large-scale indifference; poetry makes us understand, makes us care, and makes us act.



Qualifications and Requirements to Apply